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78-88 G-Body Gorilla Style Lift Kit

Special note: This kit is not produced by Gorilla and is not 100% identical to the actual Gorilla kit but has the same basic parts as the actual Gorilla kits. If you want a kit that rides better, is easier to install, costs less, gives you more lift, and a kit that you don't have to mess around with pumping up the air shocks every other day (and risk the shocks blowing out) check out our UCL 3inĚ to 7inĚ complete kits. Again, this is a Universal Car Lifts brand kit and is extremely similar to what people commonly refer to as a "Gorilla kit" but is not produced nor endorsed by Gorilla. The cost of this kit is about 1/2 of what an actual Gorilla kit costs and the strength and quality of the components is far superior. We have this kit in stock and ready to ship.

Kit includes the following:

1-Right Tubular Upper Control Arm
1-Left Tubular Upper Control Arm
2-Upper Control Arm Ball Joints
2-Front Custom Fabricated Springs
2-Rear Custom Fabricated Springs
2-Upper Rear Trailing Arms - Tubular Construct
2-Lower Rear Trailing Arms - Tubular Construct
2-Custom Built Extended Air Shocks Including Air Lines & Air Shock Bolts
2-Air Shock Extenders
All New Stock Bushings Throughout Upper Control Arms & Trailing Arms

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 30 July, 2008.
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